Tips on How to Maintenance Wood Flooring

Having your favorite wood flooring on your sweet home is everyone’s long cherished dream. It is not only elegant but also improves the interior décor many times compared to a regular floor. But, having wood flooring is not good enough, no matter how good your floor provider is, the wooden floor will soon start to wear and lose its charm. To slow down that wear and keep your floor ever glowing, you need to follow some maintenance rules.

Over time every wood floor shows some wear signs. There are other factors like- your lifestyle, family members, kids and also the environment plays an important role. But, yet if you keep your floor cleaned and follow a regular maintenance schedule you can keep your floor adorable.

  • Whenever you use water to clean your floor, you have to make sure the water dries fast. If you let the water to retain on the floor surface it will damage the floor. Water staying on the wood floor for a longer period can damage the floor from both inside and outside.
  • Always use cleaning materials recommended by your supplier. Avoid using steam cleaners and hardwood cleaning. Anything harsh to the wood fiber should be avoided.
  • Don’t use a beater bar head vacuum cleaner. Use the one with a soft brush. Keep your floor clean and vacuum clean regularly, but make sure you are not causing any damage to the floor.
  • Materials like liquid or paste waxes, citrus, lemon or Tung oil, oil soaps, chemical substances like silicon or ammonia can cause harm to the coating and make working life shorter. Moreover, always avoid non-recommended materials as using them violate your warranty terms and if any damage caused within warranty period will not be fixed by your supplier.
  • If you have pets keep them clean and nails cut. Whenever you are moving some furniture, make sure you take some precautions to avoid the scratches. You can put protective pads under legs and keep your furniture clean too, especially on the wheels. Don’t wear shoes with spikes while you are walking on the floor.
  • The place where you live plays an important role on wood floor life. Sunrays and UV rays can cause damage to your wood floor if exposed for longer time. Also, you should keep your home humidity to an accepted level.

The main care that you need to give your floor is to avoid scratching and if anything spilled over it, cleaning it immediately. Also remember, water should not be let to persist on the floor for longer period, it will diminish the quality and durability. Make the floor dry immediately but don’t be harsh.

Whether you plan to live on your place or wish to move on after selling it, both ways, you need to take a good care of wood floor. When you build your place and install wood floor, you do it for its elegant look. Only a little care and regular maintenance can keep that up even after many years.

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