When to do wooden floor vanishing when construction?

There might be a question, when to do the wooden floor vanishing when there is construction. Refer below for the sequence.

Painting for undercoat layer only. Not final finish- floor grinding first layer (very dusty ) and undercoat- cabinet installation (do not apply silicone to prevent discolored.)-air con installation – minor scratches can be removed at this stage but deep scratches may need to grind again which will extra request charges ) floor sanding and vanishing until finish – final finish for painting.

The grinding work will create dust and saw dust will fly all over and if it meet with water, it will discolored the wall and tiles. The best way to avoid it , is the grinding work to start before painting finish. However the cabinet installation will scratches the floor when installation, so the floor will need to do in stages. Grinding and undercoat will at the first stage. Then continue with other renovation work, after finish, continue with final coating.

There are no way grinding will not create dust. If the dust stick on the wall, it can be removed by using cleaning stick. Remember, ALL MUST BE DRY. NO WATER SHOULD BE THERE. if using water, you may expected your wall will turn to yellow.

Renovation cannot avoid dirt /dust. So please do ask cleaning come to clean up the house after finish. It is really important. We are not cleaner but floor specialist, we can not clean your house as cleaner.

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