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The two photos above shown terrazzo flooring. But do you know the different between these two photos? Yes, some of you may know about this but some may not see the different.

Ok. The different between the two pictures above is, one is making by terrazzo tiles, and another one is terrazzo flooring make on site. For floor polishing, we will say that the floor made by terrazzo tiles is easy and good for polishing. It is because the combination of cement, stone, and sand is in the correct ratio and tested in factory, therefore, installation and polishing of the terrazzo tile didn’t face any problem.

FYI, terrazzo flooring is 1980 flooring which many people likes to use it and there are SiFu really good at building the floor. However in 21 century, the trend has changed to tiles, but there are people still like to built terrazzo flooring at home. But please bear in mind that the combination of cement, sand and stone really technical and it can be wrong if any small ratio is not correct. And somehow if the water composition is high or too loo low, will effect the floor quality. Our advise here is not to go for on-site terrazzo flooring building. Get the tiles and install it better than mix it on site and build it. You may face problem like cracking, stone didn’t come out after grinding, the colour for the flooring is not balance, after polishing, the floor didn’t smooth or not shining etc. There are many other issues you may face from time to time.

As mentioned above, if you really like terrazzo flooring, get the tiles from factory and install, don’t go for on site building. Think twice before you build it. You may end up spend a lot of money but the quality is not there.


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