Porcelain Flooring Damage

What should I do if my tiles flooring damage? Facing problem like follows.

damage tile 5 damage tile 4 tiles damage 3 tiles damage 2 tiles damage


What can I do with this kinds of problem? First, we need to know why this happened?

1. Wash the floor with any detergent contains acid

2. Contractor drop some chemicals on the floor when they do their painting or other renovation

What can I do?

1. remove the tiles and install new one ( cost you ~RM10 per sqft, min 300 sqft, may need to spend a lump sum fee if the affected area is not much)

2. polish the floor with grinding, remove the damage surface, and polish a new layer of coating on top. ( cost you ~RM5 per sqft, min 200 sqft)

Is the second option really work?

Yes. It can clear all scratches and restore shining surface!



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