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We have been in this field for more than 20 years. We have experience in building bungalow, renovate terrace houses etc. We do painting, design for kitchen extension, project work for medium scale renovation and construction job. We have skilled worker to do the renovation work and confirm the quality of work. We always try to get the best of price and best quality of  work to the client.

Our Normal Procedure

  1. Client contact us for renovation services that needed. (Please fill in the form below)
  2. We will call back to find out in details and client need to send us your address for the house/shop that you want renovate.
  3. A visit to your house and a proper quotation will be sent.

What we done?

  1. we do painting work for houses and condominium, you can choose/buy your paint and we do the painting workmanship, or we can included it into the painting quote. You may think painting is easy and you may do your self, but painting is not only roll a layer of the paint on the wall, it involved filling and repairing the wall, skim the wall to make good of it, undercoat the wall if the wall has been wet of stain on it then the final step is painting. We charge reasonable for the work, you need to tell us clearly what paint service you need. Just paint, or repair and paint. The painting quote can only tell after a site visit.
  2. If you have a kitchen to extend, we can do it also. Lets get your building plan approved by the local authority, then we can start renovate. Please make it clear, to dismantle and internal building renovation, you are not request to submit a planning approval, but to add/ extend a building, adding new wall structure, you need to submit a building plan for approval. If you are thinking to extend a One-storey building become One and Half building, building plan and engineering plan is needed. We can help you to submit a plan or even find a architect to prepare the drawing, but please do confirm how you want your house to expand to.
  3. If your toilet having leaking problem, and you couldnt find the reason, the best way is to hack the tiles, redo the water proofing layer, then retiling. It is complicated and taking time however it will save your headache in the future. But if your toilet is leaking and you actually newly renovate your toilet, then we may need to do it another way. Please refer our other page of waterproofing services.
  4. Dismantle existing car porch flooring and build new one, restructure the entrance, design new pillar for the entrance, we can do it all.
  5. If you have tree and looking for removing it/ take it down,  as it blocking the porch or breaking the floor, we do provide the service to clear the tree also.
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  • Car Porch Extensions, new pillar, flooring, piping, fencing and autogate
  • Kitchen Extension, with roof system, wiring and piping, table top and etc
  • Brick Fencing and brick wall work
  • Plaster Ceiling
  • Electrical Wiring and 3 phases power system
  • Roofs Leaking
  • Plumbing and piping work
  • Rebuilt new house with submission
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