Marble/Terrazzo Flooring

What is Marble /Terrazzo Flooring?

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Broken Marble after polishing

Both marble/terrazzo are widely used for flooring. Both of them have a wide range of colors. They have a better durability than vinyl or linoleum floors. The lifespan of the floor depends on various factors on your home. Comparatively marble/terrazzo have better quality than ceramic tiles and can serve a long time with satisfaction if maintained properly.

Marble/terrazzo are made from thin sections and also allows the manufacturer to add some patronage. It’s available in various colour mainly with patterns.Those from Ipoh are always in grey, pink and white colour. However the imported one can come with yellow, green and blue colour.


Imported Yellow Marble

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These flooring may involve more costs compared to ceramic tiles as marble is found in mines and needs to cut in proper shape to form tiles. Also marble floors need more time to install and additional supports. But, installing marble floor is not as complex as you think. The marble/terrazzo that can find in Malaysia are broken marble and  in pieces (square).

To cover the same space, a bit more marble is required compared to ceramic tiles. But, the cost involved in these flooring is worth the investment.

Installing marble/terrazzo floors in your home, not only improves the appearance, also makes the place hygienic. If you are looking for a resale option or remodeling to sell out your place, changing the floors will surely uphold your price and give back a good return. So, whatever your goal is, marble/terrazzo flooring not only enhances your home’s appearance also lasts longer than other floors.
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