Laminate Flooring Installation

Cost of installing laminate flooring

Cost for laminate flooring usually in the range of RM7-RM8 per sqft. This cost included the installation as well. If you have a 10 feet x 20 feet space, in total 400sqft, it doesn’t meant the cost is 400 x RM7 =RM2800. The cost may be about RM3000-RM3400 because of the skirting and wood cut arrangement.

How to install laminate flooring

Laminate flooring using joint concept. It didn’t apply glue. It has to be start from the side, to the middle then last plank. Therefore, if your laminate wood broken in the middle, it will need to uninstall from the side, up to the broken area, to change the plank.

 Stair nose for laminate flooring

Can you install laminate flooring over concrete?

Yes. Laminate flooring request a flat surface to install. If your existing floor is tiles or other type of surface, it can apply directly on top of it.

Who to install laminate flooring

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