Imported Marble Polishing

Marble floor polishing price can be low if it is local marble polishing (Ipoh Marble or broken marble). However if the marble is imported marble, then there will be a few type of polishing method. It is not only grinding and polishing, however it also involved filling the grouting and holes on cement, or fill the cement surface crack with cement and epoxy.

Below shown the Local Ipoh Marble before and  after polishing ( ipoh marble come in two form, broken marble or square marble- 1ft x 1 ft or 1 ft x 2 ft. 2ft x 2 ft need special order )


For imported marble, it has different colour, pattern, design etc.

Some of the marble because of crack line on the surface, we need to fill it with colour cement, then cover it with epoxy lamination, then the floor can be shining and the cement will be stick on the floor. This polishing work will take more time to polish. Normal polishing work take 1-2 day to complete, epoxy polishing will take 2-3 days to finish.

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