Home Renovation

Home Renovation for a new house may take up to 3 weeks, which include interior design ( If you need one, if you are the designer, then can skip this step); for a apartment/ condominium, basically is to settler all the wiring and electricity line ( to hide under the wall), the water piping system; follow by painting; after painting, all the fan, air con, water heater can be install; at the same time, built in cabinet can be installed the same time; Final process will be the flooring, installation or restoration.


1. Get the electrician to check out where to add more plug. Follow by the constructor for any building work like changing the window, extend the kitchen, add the new sink etc.

2. Ask for the painting and flooring to quote you and book their date before work. Usually you need to  give them 1 week notice before start working.

3. After the electrician finish all the wiring under the wall, the painter can come start his job. On the mean time, other construction ( extension) should be finish to paint together. Painting need to be done alone as for make sure the dust of construction didnt stay on the new paint wall.

4. After painting ready, install all your cabinet and fan, air-con etc. Then final is floor installation or polishing.

5. Remember, all construction work should be from ceiling to floor. Always from up to bottom.



1. MW Construction and Renovation