Concrete Floor Polishing for Factory


Factory floor always be problem for not lasting and difficult to clean, then main concern is the budget to prepare a good floor is costly. The budget way to prepare the floor for factory is to grind the concrete floor to become smooth and shining. The floor with densifier can make the floor last longer and prepare a shining finish of the floor after moping and/or foot traffic.

Concrete floor is not easy to break and damage compare to other flooring. After grinding and polishing, the only maintenance needed is mopping with water. If your floor getting stain and not shine, then we can come to polish it back after sometime.

There are 3 type of finishes for concrete flooring, shining, semi gloss and matt finish. If your current floor with epoxy and it is almost gone, and leave some here and some there, then we can help you remove the epoxy and polishing the concrete flooring again.

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