Cement floor polishing

If you looking for cement flooring as your office or house flooring finish, you need to prepare your cement floor at least 3 inch thickness or 100mm. If you are looking for your factory cement floor finish, then after you install concrete slab, power float it and you will get a more strong and even/ flat finish.

Cement floor polishing is polishing on the surface only. If your floor surface is not strong, mean more sand than cement, once our machine grind, the sand will start coming out and you can see the base is not strong. Therefore, to have a strong base is important for cement floor polishing.

If the cement floor is uneven with small pond here and there, then we can only grind the higher area, lower area will not able to reach, and it will form a floor which is grey and white. Like the photo below.


Grey area with grinding and white area is lower and not grind.

We will not know how shine your floor is after polishing, or how flat the floor will be until we finish polishing. Be prepare to have surprise after the floor completed.

The floor is not flat and you can see "mountain" and "sea"

The floor is not flat and you can see “mountain” and “sea”

Cement floor is getting popular for residential and commercial. Even for factory, lets grind the surface before applying epoxy, then you can have a better and niceĀ epoxy flooring.

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