Bubble on Wooden Flooring

Why there are bubble on my floor after varnishing?

After grinding and varnishing the wooden flooring,  no matter your
floor is water base or oil base / solvent,  you see some of the bubbles
appear on the surface. It contains nothing but air, or some is tiny dust which
have the bubble around it. If your flooring is using gloss surface with oil
base, those bubbles are obvious and it looks annoying on the newly varnish
floor. Yes, it did.
However, we cannot avoid these phenomena happened as this is nature. When
we do the varnishing, we cannot promise the small tiny dust on floor, although
we already vaccum and clean it, we cannot also promise the bubble as below the
floor, there are still space for breathing. BUT the good news is, after a few
months of staying, you walk, you sweeping the floor and having activity on the
floor, the bubble will automatic gone. Just give it some time, everything will
be fine.  If you really don’t want to see it, try to use water base coating
it can have a perfect surface up to 90%.

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