Broken Marble Polishing

Broken Marble, Marble from Local, Ipoh. This kind of marble always be seen in houses as the most economy type of marble for supply, install and polishing. If you have this marble at home, the easier way to maintain is to polish it every few years.

As polisher, we like to polish this kind of marble as it is easy to be shine and looks really good after polishing. If you are extending your house and look for broken marble installation, you can come to us, we do supply, install and polishing. You might not able to find back the similar color for the broken marble, it come in White Grey, Pink, Grey, Pink Mix and Grey Mix, every marble is unique that you cannot find the same pattern and every batch the color is different.

We do wet installation for the marble and the base provided must be concrete or slab with allow 2-3 inch for the installation. After install, please provide 3-5 days for drying before polishing work.

Call us today at 012-679 2926 for details.

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