Broken Marble Installation Work


Installation broken marble is not as easy as what you might think. It request some art work and also experience. Please think of how to install a different size marble to the floor and make it looks like a puzzle? It is complicated and take time. There are many contractor/ house owner in KL not sure or do not know that we still doing broken marble in the marble. Many people when they do extension, they couldnt find broken marble contractor then they end up using tiles for the extension area. Which make the floor looks different …. whole living with marble but a small 100 sqft using ceramic tiles.

Ipoh marble is the most easy maintain marble as per our experience. Although the color is really colorful, not standard likes others, but to keep it shine and nice, is the most easy stone as for Malaysia Marble. Besides, the cost of ipoh marble is lots cheaper than imported marble. If you have a marble floor 10 years ago, we might not able to find  back the same color, even the same marble quarry, the stone at front compare to the stone at the back, all looks different. But we can get back the similar color like grey white, pink mix, grey, pure white etc.

We could try our best to find the closer color, but it still looks slightly different. But compare to marble-ceramic tiles, it will definitely looks much better. We do supply, install, grinding and polishing for broken marble or ipoh marble.

For imported marble, we will advise client to get their own marble, then we could do installation, grinding and polishing on it. For further question, please feel free to contact us.


Call 012-679 2926 for details broken marble installation work.

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