Cement/Concrete floor Polishing

Let grind and polish your cement flooring to become shining and easy to maintain. Natural look of the cement provide your harmony feel in your lovely home. Or the raw finish of the cement create a steady working environment.

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Supply and Install Marble/ Terrazzo; Floor Polishing

We do supply and install local/ ipoh marble, and 1'x1' terrazzo flooring. Classic feel of the marble floor should be remain. Please do not extend your existing marble living room with ceramic tiles flooring.

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Wooden floor grinding and varnishing; Sport flooring restoration

We provide services on wooden floor grinding and varnishing, with repair work. We do repair badminton court and revarnish the floor. Let contact us restore the flooring for you.

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Cement floor polishing. Epoxy floor make you headache? Restore it back to raw cement floor!

If you are having epoxy floor for the factory and found that the epoxy keep peeling off, you want to get rid of this problem, let us remove the epoxy for you and restore the floor to raw concrete floor that is easy to maintain.