Wooden staircase varnishing

To restore a set of staircase, make sure all the wooden step is in good condition and not damage. If there is any missing wood or damage wood, it need to be repaired and exchange.

After install the wood step, the grinding work start. For a wooden staircase, grinding focus on the horizontal step only. It will be grind until smooth. For vertical. Step, only sanding and vanishing. If you looking for grinding on vertical part, extra changes will be incurred.

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After grinding, then using saw dust to fill all the good with glue, then undercoat. After that supply a layer of coat. Wait for it to dry. Then another layer. Wait it for dry for 2 days. This is for oil base coat. If water base coat, it only need 6 hours to dry.

Those are the steps for wooden staircase grinding and polishing.

So, let maintenance your Wooden staircase with water base and oil base coat today.

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