Wet Work Contractor Job

Many people may not know that construction work can be divided to quite details, people do know for wiring work should look for electrical, for leaking pipe look for plumber, for install tiles looks for tiller, for install plaster ceiling look for plaster ceiling contractor. However for other job, what and who are you looking for? if your toilet floor is leaking, who should you look for?

I am glad in Malaysia, we always do “One Leg Kick” means all the small job can be done by only one contractor. If your toilet is leaking, you need to get wet work contractor or general worker to remove your toilet W.C, hack the tiles, remove the cement render to the slab, redo the waterproofing layer ( do you know tiler and wet work both can do the water proofing application?) then redo the cement render, only install back the tiles and also the W.C.

For those job above, might involved some piping work for installation of the W.C, tiling work, hacking work, water proofing work. To redo a toilet is a small job, may cause you around RM4-5k included tiles. But who actually you should look for? You might need the “All in One” contractor who able to do the job for you than look for different specialist for the work. If you call 3-4 contractor for the toilet, might end up higher cost ~RM5-6k. But if one contractor do all, you can save some money. As all the contractor has their min charges per trip.

So, when you need a few small job for the work, try to get the multi-function contractor, save the time, save the hassle, also minimize contractor come in and out from your home.


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