Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Installation


  • Stain Resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Resistant to cigarette burn
  • Hygienic & easy to clear
  • Ultra violet rays resistant
  • Stand up to wear and tear
  • Does not breed dust-mites
  • Old floor no need to hack before installation


Vinyl is a practical and popular flooring material because it comes in such a wide array of colors and patterns, it performs well, and it is easy to maintain. Made of plastic, vinyl isn’t environmentally friendly, but it is very kind to your budget.

In fact, vinyl mimics other more expensive materials quite successfully. Its hard-wearing and slip-resistant characteristics combined with comfort underfoot have seen it laid in countless kitchens, bathrooms and mud rooms.

it wouldn’t feel like wood, but it does look like it: vinyl can mimic almost any material and s a great choice for those on a tiny budget.

  • Vinyl replicates the looks for stone very well, though not the texture. The giveaway is often the two-dimensional effect, which exposes the lack of genuine grout.
  • Vinyl is an easy-to-maintain option for rooms that will see a lot of wear and tear, like this games room.
  • Vinyl offers countless decorative finishes, allow you to find an unusual look that suits your home and decor.

Vinyl’s key selling pointing aside from low price and ease of maintenance, is the variety of colors and finishes that available. it can resemble many kinds of wood or stone and often features insets or borders. You can opt for innumerable colors and effects. Vinyl comes in tile and sheet form in a variety of grades, depending on thickness. the ticker grades of vinyl sheet have a deeper PVC cushion layer plus a urethane top layer. This layering makes the floor softer underfoot and more successfully covers flaws in the subfloor.

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