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For construction and renovation services, we are not only providing in Klang Valley area only, we do provide services in Kuantan and  Pekan area.

Kuantan & Pekan: Call 019-9877495

The services that we provide are:

We also selling ceramic tiles for floor, wall and stone tile for garden use. If you are are looking for some services that we did not include above, you can always call us to ask about it. We can help you to find the services (related to renovation) you need.

Our partner contractors have been working for renovation more than 20 years and experience in various type of building and can provide you suggestion and recommendation on building. We deliver on-time and reliable.

We always provide top services for your home or office. Some tips on renovation:

  • for house painting, usually we do not buy paint for client unless client request. The reason is, there are too many type / brand of paint in the market, with those different colour, to avoid confuse and misunderstanding, we will always as the client to buy their own paint, but we will provide info like how many litre of paint do you need for the house.
  • Kitchen design and kitchen extension is most popular construction case in Malaysia. For a kitchen extension and design, we provide services like roof renewal, new ceiling, lighting and wiring, concrete top table, platform for fridge and etc. Concrete top is for sink and washing place. Client is advised to get their sink (too many choices in the market), and water tap. After the concrete work finish (walls and ceiling), client need to tell us where they want to locate the fridge and cabinet etc. So, we can working on the platform.
  • Common question asked by client: “Can you please tell me how much to renovate a kitchen for 5 feet more? ” We cannot tell you through the phone how much will it be. It is because it is all by measurement and situation of the house. We can only work out the cost and price after we see your house and do our measurement. And we can tell you estimated time for the building work to be ready.
  • if you are totally new in construction and not sure what to do first, you can call us to ask about it. But here is some steps to be taken. (a) know what you want for the renovation. (b) if only involved internal renovation, we can start work as you like. (c) if involved external construction like kitchen extension or porch extension, we need architecture plan for local authority approval, before we can start work on it. (d) After we receive approval, client need to pay first payment let say 35%-40% as we need it to buy materials. Some people may think, why you havent start working, then you ask for money, but we need money to order materials like sand, roof, cement etc. These cost money. (e) usually we will ask for 3-4 time of payment. First one before start work to order material. then after the first batch material finish, we need to order second batch material again, grille, window, etc…and also pay to the worker. :) ¬†Payment method is depend on how large the construction project is.
  • if you have any more question, please fill in the form below and we will reply to you asap.

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