Parquet vs. Laminate Flooring

Parquet vs. laminate flooring- which one should you choose

Parquet flooring consists of different geometric shapes comprising square wood pieces. Parquet floors can be made with maple, oak, dark woods, cherry and beach trees and are available in many designs and types like- multiaye, lamparquet, solid parquet, mosaic etc. Due to its attractive and trendy appeal to homeowners, people are more and more getting attracted to it.


The main advantage of using parquet flooring is it is easier to clean. Against spills and strains it is more durable. If you want to clean it, you only need to mop it. Also due to its easy cleaning features it has some health benefits. If you have asthma or allergy problems you can get benefit from it. You can easily make repair if you see any damage with light sanding and sealing with varnish. Another benefit of parquet flooring is that it can be directly installed on bare concrete ground.

Previously parquet flooring was more vulnerable to moisture and humidity as it was previously made with wood strips glued together in square shape. But, product developers are trying to overcome the issue and shown some positive results with laminated finish with plywood or hardwo­od=>> Laminate Flooring.


On the other hand laminate flooring can be a suitable option when you are looking for home improvement or new home. It can be a good choice over hardwood or tiles on your floor and yet can attach some classic touch on your home. You can choose from wide variety of options, designs and colours.

Laminate wood flooring are durable and don’t wear so easily. So, this can be a good choice where lot of stress goes over the floor. Also it is less vulnerable to strain and scratches. It can sustain lot more stress compared to other choices and yet can keep up the shine. So, it requires less care and maintenance. When needed one, you can clean that up easily. And the best thing is the price. You can get all these in an affordable range. Not only the price is comparatively reasonable, also, the installation process is less time consuming, which in turn cuts your labour costs too. So, if you are looking for a quick replacement within the budget, this is surely your choice. Also you can get matching moulds with laminate floor which is a bit tougher with other options.

But there are some drawbacks of laminate floor. Actually, some people are not comfortable with the idea that it is not real wood. Also, that’s why it is slippery and felt hard under foot. But the main drawback is it is irreparable and if worn or scratched deep, you cannot sand it or repair it. You will also get a lower resale value.

So, if you are looking for a wooden floor type for your new home, you should take into consideration many factors. Laminate floors are cheaper and easy to install, resistant to scratch and moisture, but also parquet floors can be a good investment.

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