Marble Polishing


Marble in Toilet. We will clean the scratches without waxing to avoid slippery.


Imported Marble before polishing. When installation is shinning and clean. First polish may be after 5 years.

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Broken Marble from Local (Ipoh). Before polishing.

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marble polishing

Broken Marble from local (Ipoh). After polishing.

For marble polishing, previous technology is using heavy machine to do the polishing, and using the stone shape kidney to grind the floor. Because of the changing of the technology, what we have now is the smaller machine using people so call ” diamond cut polishing” . The latest technology not only more environment friendly, because it is not as noisy as previous, or you can say it is only small sound for polishing, using only 10% of the water compare previous, and faster than before.

The new diamond cut work is include grinding and polishing. First we remove the surface of the marble, by grinding, the scratches, or dirt able to be removed. Then, we have smoother the surface with different grade of diamond disc, until it natural shine and smooth. At the end, we polish the floor with a layer of wax.

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For marble surface on floor, it is fast and easy to polish. For the marble table, previously you can only resend to factory for restoration, but now, we can do on-site table polishing. It apply the same method but different size of the machine. The machine that used for marble table polishing is smaller but still heavy. The quality of the polishing is still good.

For marble wall and table top (in washroom or toilet), it apply different hand machine, and also different type of chemical to keep the surface clean and shine. It may take longer time to polish wall than floor because it is all hand work. But the grinding and polishing work definitely can restore the shining surface of the wall.

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