Design with Colour

Installing a new wood floor in your place can be one of the best rewarding remodeling work you are about to do. Wood floor will create an aesthetic look of the room and with neutral setting dominant. It not only enhances the look of the room but also improves the comfort. Above all consideration not matter what you plan, your choice should be reasonable, durable and suit your everyday life.

Choosing the most Appropriate Wood Floor Color

Choosing a colour for your wood floor can be a vital step. When you are selecting the color, don’t go for the first one that draws your attention. Because, after exploring for a while you may find another color which you may never thought before but can be more beautiful.

You should take some samples at home; check out how they cope up with your home décor. You may not change your walls after installing the wood floor, so make sure your wood floor matches completely not only your walls, your entire home.

Check the sample colors at different time of the day, check if there is any change in color at different part of the day.


Designing Wood Floor Theme in a Professional Way

To design casual and official theme or any design depends on the use of the fundamentals of design. If you are looking to create a design for your office, you should go with squares, stripes, or lines. Also border painted wood plank floor will look cliquey. To unify your space or make the color more comfortable you can paint floral patterns on the floor.

Besides, those drawn designs can add some motion on your floor. You can also alter the view of your room. Like- you can extend a linear pattern lengthways in a room, which will surely make the room longer. But no matter what color you use, make sure it does not damp your wood or harm anyway.

You need to know that cost “per sqft” of your wood floor is merely a unit of the overall price. When you look for estimation, ensure that has everything your installer could possibly charge you for which may even include removing furniture, transfer, preparing subfloor and flattening.

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