Concrete/ Cement Floor Polishing

Do you have a Concrete Floor looking for Polishing?

There are many concrete floor out there, after construction, it didn’t smooth or even shining. The example are some car porch area and also those commercial shop lot, it come with cement/ concrete floor only with rough surface. It come with purpose, which allow the owner to install tiling or any flooring type that the owner prefer. Cement flooring is art, it will present different color and pattern when the installer lay the floor with different volume of water and the the pressure when they plaster it.

We have done a lot of cement floor polishing for factory, commercial and residential. Factory flooring lay from concrete floor, and power float on it , after it dry for week, then we can do polishing on the surface to create a smooth surface, and this surface is stronger than epoxy coating.

Commercial flooring using cement floor make the environment back to classic and looks attractive. Some may not know that the floor need to be grind and polish then only can show the beauty of the cement. In the market, there are people only wash the cement floor surface, then apply a transparent/ semi gloss coating on top. Which that kind of finishing is not as beauty as the one with polishing.

The save cost version for the flooring is to polish the cement floor.

Cement Floor Polishing Effect


But for some of the owner, they know the pretty of the cement flooring, or to cut cost, they will looks for alternative solution, which is cement floor polishing.

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Cost Comparison between Flooring Type

1. for tiling floor- it will incur tile cost and also workmanship, estimated it will be end up around RM7-10 sqft depend on the tiles that you choose. 

2. for laminate flooring – the average price for material and installation is around RM5.50-7 sqft.

Therefore, polishing cement flooring is one of the cost saving alternative. There are a few way to polish the floor.

A. Polishing the concrete floor become smooth and original shining only. 

B. Polishing the cement floor and wax a layer of coating on top to have a smooth and shining floor. 

C. Harden the cement / concrete flooring with densifier and polish till shine. 


Benefits of Polishing your Cements

1. save cost

2. present the beauty of the cement

3. faster and easiest way to take care of your floor after polishing

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