Change Roof Tiles for Old House

Do you facing issue of leaking, the roof tiles looks really not nice and all color gone? We could help you on changing new roof tiles and relay the heat protection sheet. Usually we should paint the roof tiles every 10 years to have a better protection for the tiles. And every 20 years, you might need to consider changing new roof tiles as everything will have their expired period. But we know that in Malaysia, our maintance always come at the end, please do think of how important the roof cover over your home and it protect your property. Once it void, you are facing huge loss. Do check your home roof structure every 10 years to make sure no termite, and all wood structure is in good condition.


There are several brand of the roof in the market and the most popular is monier roof tiles. Study more on the roof tiles and find the most suitable one that suit your home.

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