CCTV Installation

Looking for CCTV Installation at home?

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Home Security & CCTV

Kindly consider your personal needs with regards to safety and security while channelling all the level of security monitoring you will need. For instance, within a business premises, would you love to monitor your merchandise, intruders or customers.

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Choose your Camera:

Your security need will greatly influence your choice of camera. Most often, it has observed that most persons would prefer to opt for CCTV cameras that are small and far more conspicuous to locate by onlookers, visitors and intruders alike. While big corporations also opt for CCTV cameras that are easy to located.

Wired CCTV Solution: It has been observed that standard CCTV security system require you to install wired colour security camera. This security solution also comes fully loaded with IR (infrared), night vision, DIN terminations and video outlet extension cables.

Wireless CCTV solution: This solution is indeed one of the best and most innovative security solution ever. In fact, it is wise to note that a wireless CCTV security system offer comprehensive surveillance with footage accessibility within 200m or through the help of the help of internet. Furthermore, there is less interference from household device.

IP/Network Benefit:

The beauty of this solution is the fact that it has the potentiality to provide 24/7 hours surveillance solution for family member, staff and most valued properties of yours while you also stand the chance of viewing the live footage from any location of your choice via the help of the internet.

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